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Supply List 

6th Grade ELA:                                                   6th Grade Math/Math Academy:

1” plastic 3-ring binder (hard covered)                 1"Plastic 3-ring binder (hard cover)

6 folders w/pockets & brads (light colors)            Dividers with tabs (5 sections)

1 Subject Spiral notebook (wide ruled)                Map Colors (at least 10 colors)

Dividers with tabs (5 sections)                             2-3 glue sticks


Map Colors


All 6th Grade Subjects:

 Blue or Black Pens                                  Notebook paper—wide ruled

Red Pen or pencil                             Hi-lighters

Pencils                                              3 Boxes of Kleenex

Scissors                                            Fabric book covers (optional)



7th Grade Math

3 Ring binder (at least 1 ½ inch)

1 set of dividers (5 tabs)

Pencils (#2)

Map Colors (colored pencils—at least 10 colors)

Red Pens

Notebook paper