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Subjects Taught
3rd Grade Math, 3rd Grade Science


Graduated Hondo High School, 2000

Graduated Wellesley College in Massachusetts, 2004


D'Hanis Elementary: 2015 - present 

Sabinal Junior High: 2012 - 2015




About Me:

I grew up and graduated high school in Hondo, which helped me become very familiar with D'Hanis, and the pride and tradition that come from living here. I went to Massachusetts for college, but then came right back home to Texas.

After college, I married my husband, and we lived in Houston, then San Antonio until we made a permanent move to D'Hanis. We have now lived here since 2010.

We have three kids, Jack, Nick and Clem.

I'm very excited to be working in D'Hanis!


My Policies

We will begin the school year using iPads in Math and Science classes. We will go over my expectations for proper iPad usage on the first day of school.


I will usually assign homework Monday - Thursdays, to be completed at home and returned the next day. The homework will consist of a combination of math facts practice and new skill practice. 

Late Policy

If a graded assignment is not turned in on time, 10 points will be deducted for every day it is late. 

Absent Work

When able, I will place a copy of the missed classwork in each students' classroom pocket when they are absent. It is their responsibility to check their pocket when they return to school. If it is electronic work, I will find time with your student to complete the work during the school day. Absent work will be due one day after they return to school.

Class Memos

All 3rd grade students will receive weekly memos with important information about the upcoming week. There will be important dates, a look at the week ahead, and other information. It is very important students and their parents review these memos together. Please see the Forms section under my page for downloadable memos.