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Counselor's Corner

Welcome to Counselor's Corner. My name is Kim Dayoc and it is my job to be of service to D'Hanis ISD students. For information, please use this site and do not hesitate to contact me personally. Click on th efiles for ACT and SAT and school testing information.

Seniors: If you have not already gone to, it is time to do that! Some colleges require essays, so be prepared to write a few. Also, you will probably need a few letters of recommendation, so request those from a few teachers or other staff members that know you well (and like you!!). You should always be actively searching for scholarships. Announcements will be made at school any time local scholarships become available, and you can find some very good links on the Counseling and Guidance section of the DHS website, forexample: You can apply for financial aid starting October 1, 2016 at If you need any assistance, stop by Mrs. Dayoc’s office. Finally, remember to enjoy your senior year—it only happens once!


1. Fill out your applytexas application

2. Complete a resume of your achievements and affiliations as well as community service and church service. Turn that document in to the counselor. This will be used to create letters of recommendation. Copies can be given to any person you ask for such a letter.

3. Scholarship applications should be a priority. Peruse scholarship sites, apply for scholarships at the college of your choice.

A great scholarship site is:

4. Take the ACT and or SAT exams

5. Visit the colleges you are most interested in attending

6. Apply for college, be aware they all have different deadlines for applications

7. Have your shot records up to date. All colleges mandate the meningitis vaccine before the student can be enrolled.

8. Apply for a FAFSA Pin. Parents need one as well.

9. FAFSA, financial aide, is completed after the first of the year. Information from parents’ income is used for calculation. Not everyone receives free money (grants) but most are offered government loans

10. Keep a record of all you do this year. Create a folder with your college information in the folder for quick reference.

11. Get your questions answered. Make the counselor at your college of choice your new best friend! They will guide you !


Start taking the ACT and/or SAT either at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017.

Visit colleges.

Keep your grades up!