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Kurt  Schumacher
Secondary Principal

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Secondary Principal


 D'Hanis Independent School District

P.O. Box 307    D’Hanis, TX  78850

(830) 363-7216 Phone (830) 363-7390 Fax

 Cowboy PRIDE Never Dies          Kurt Schumacher, Secondary Principal


To the start of a new school year.  Congratulations to the Class of 2018!!!   Good Luck and Best of starts to the Class of 2019!!!

The school year officially starts August 27 at 7:55 am in the New gym.  Please be early-pick up your schedule that is at the front door.  Changes may have occured since registration day earlier in the month.  We look forward to the continued success in academic areas, activities, and athletics as well as sponsored groups, such as Student Council. 


As the year begins, please come "DRESSED FOR SUCCESS!"  Dress code issues only slow the students day as they have to correct them or move to ISS for the day.  So Hair style, color, and cut; attire worn and personal grooming seem to be our nemisis.  Another, sometimes issue, is the technology in our possession.   Students may use devices between classes, but it needs to be out of sight and sound during class.  Ear buds, head phones, etc. are not allowed duirng the school day, except at lunch.  


Success begins with sleep, a good breakfast and a determined work ethic.  Come ready to learn.  For learning opens our minds and allows us to do things we normally could not do.  Learning opens the world to us and acheivement is limited to our desire and goals.


Good Luck and keep setting higher goals for yourself.  You will acheive what you set.




Kurt Schumacher

Principal-D’Hanis Independent School District

(830) 363-8101